Episode 132



March 30th, 2020

21 mins 24 secs

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President Donald Trump has backed away from earlier statements about wanting people back at work by Easter. He is now saying that the social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC will remain in effect until the end of April.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Law enforcement checkpoints have now been set up on I-95 to catch New Yorkers entering the Sunshine State; another on I-10 in the Panhandle to nab anyone driving here from Louisiana. New York City and New Orleans are two coronavirus hot spots.

— The National Guard is stationed at Florida's largest airports to greet flights from the New York City area and informing travelers they must self-isolate for 14 days if they want to stay here. Gov. Ron DeSantis says that’s already paid off by reducing the flow of coronavirus refugees from up north.

— Florida’s Surgeon General blasted out a text through the state’s public safety alert system advising everyone 65 and older — and anyone with underlying medical issues — to stay at home over the next two weeks.

— In a town hall meeting held by phone, Congressman Ted Deutch is asking the Governor to issue a stay-at-home order for everyone in Florida. And American College of Emergency Physicians President Dr. William Jaquis agrees, saying the next two weeks are critical for the Sunshine State.

— Checking in with Florida Man: One stole hundreds of dollars of women’s lingerie, the other used a forklift to break into a department store and steal a conveyor belt.