Episode 12



September 25th, 2019

25 mins 13 secs

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Florida lawmakers on Capitol Hill are gearing up for the possibility of impeachment hearings. Sunrise checks in with GOP consultant, author and “never Trumper” Rick Wilson to see if this is another sideshow or (perhaps) the real thing.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Ron DeSantis breaks his silence on the firing of Susie Wiles, who helped him win the Governor’s race. He says it has nothing to do with leaked emails that seemed to show a pay-for-play system in the Governor’s office.

— Despite concerns about unqualified applicants, the Governor and Cabinet hire a new chief judge for the state agency that serves as a check on the Governor’s agencies. And they picked a guy who already works for DeSantis.

— September is suicide prevention month and Attorney General Ashley Moody is especially concerned about suicides among law enforcement officers.

— And the latest on Florida Man, which includes a bathroom brawl — and a case of battery by avocado.