Episode 11



September 24th, 2019

20 mins 35 secs

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While you may know about the new state law beefing up the texting-while-driving ban, there is also something you may not be aware of; a prohibition on using hand-held cellphones while driving through school and work zones. That part of the law takes effect Oct. 1.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— The drone strike that disrupted Saudi oil production is reverberating in Florida with a ten-cent per gallon bump in the price of gas.

— The new director of the state’s turnpike agency says that problem with Conduit — the New Jersey company running the SunPass system that went down after a failed upgrade — will end up costing the state about $50 million in unpaid tolls.

— A visit from Steve Vancore, Sunrise’s go-to pollster and political guru, with a one-on-one conversation on two proposed constitutional amendments for the 2020 ballot. Expecting a vote? You may be disappointed.

— And more from Florida Man: A school resource officer arresting elementary school students and a stripper who fails the mommy test.